This trip in the fall of 2022 will lead me on a 14-day tour of northern Georgia, southern Tennessee and a slice of South Carolina.

Seemingly unable to do much more than 10 miles of hiking a day, I only managed to do two shorter hikes today. One made up for it with a fairly steep ascent, the other with some ‘pretty as a picture’ waterfalls.

Unicoi Gap Boondocking

I had a comfortable overnight stay at the Unicoi Gap trailhead. While passing traffic can be loud and frequent, as the night falls, everything slows down and I had my beauty sleep as usual.

Unicoi Gap Trail

From the parking area, the trail immediately starts with a heart-pounding 1000-foot climb during for the first mile of this hike. After that you have the option to continue on the 5 mile loop.

The expected views were unfulfilled and I had to settle for a few scattered views through the trees. I found a small flat area, perfect to camp, rested a bit after the climb and had a few snacks that I gladly shared with my buddy Joey.

Dog-on trail

With 5 days of hiking in the northern Georgia mountains behind me and the absence of sustained fitness, I opted to return to the van.

High Shoals Fall Trail

Only a short distance from Unicoi Gap, the High Shoals Fall trail is a more relaxing trail for the whole family. Several small bridges and a typical Georgia mountain flora, makes this a fun nature walk.

At a little over a mile in, two waterfalls elevate his to a worthwhile hike.

High Shoals Fall

After half an hour of basting in the sun and enjoying the view, I return for an uphill track, back to my home on wheels.


  • Unicoi Gap Boondocking ➜ 34.8017, -83.7428
  • Unicoi Gap TH ➜ 34.8017, -83.7428
  • High Shoals Fall TH ➜ 34.8160, -83.7269

Trail Download – GPX

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