This trip in the fall of 2022 will lead me on a 14-day tour of northern Georgia, southern Tennessee and a slice of South Carolina.

The upcoming days are full of hiking and today is no exception; four hikes to overlooks and waterfalls.

Woody Gap Boondocking

Spent last night boondocking at Woody Gap close to the road and starting point of my first hike this morning.

Traffic was minimal and I slept like a baby. Waking up though, both parking areas were filled up with cars, overflowing along the road. That was crazy!

Preacher’s Rock

Quickly left Woody Gap on the trail that brought me to Preacher’s Rock. Many had already gone before me that morning, to see the sunrise from this vantage point.

Preachers Rock – GA

While the trail is easy and the viewpoint gorgeous, I wonder, if there is another time of the year, when the crowd is staying home. That would lead to a much better experience.

Helton Creek Falls TH

As luck would have it, an wrong turn led me to the Helton Creek Falls trailhead, where a short walk brought me to a gorgeous waterfall.

Again though somewhat busy, but that about to change.

DeSoto Falls TH

Not far away, the Bryce Reece trail was next on my list. That changed quickly, when I found out myself how popular this trail was, after I failed to find a parking spot.

DeSoto Falls Trail – GA

My alternative trail was nearby; the DeSoto Falls trail was a bit more quiet and offered views of the upper and lower falls.

Tesnatee Gap TH

On this trail to Neels Gap, only about one mile in, Cowrock Peak offers incredible views of the landscape below.

Much less crowded, this hike offered a real backcountry experience again, most likely because of this mile long ascent to the summit.

Cowrock Overlook

This peak has actually three different overlooks, each as beautiful as the other. At a 3850ft (1175m) elevation, Joey conquered his first peak at age 12, with flying colors. I only went along for the ride.

Raven Cliffs Boondocking

It was already the end of the day, when I reached my next destination. The trailhead offered enough space to park overnight, so we could have an early start in the morning.


  • Woody Gap Boondocking ➜ 34.6778, -83.9996
  • Preachers Rock ➜ 34.6871, -83.9939
  • DeSoto Falls TH ➜ 34.7064, -83.9152
  • Helton Creek Falls TH ➜ 34.7532, -83.8941
  • Tesnatee Gap TH ➜ 34.7262, -83.8475
  • Raven Cliffs Boondocking ➜ 34.7094, -83.7889

Trail Download – GPX


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