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I converted my own Cargo Van to explore the lesser known wonders, that America has to offer. Join me on my travels!

Culture & History

Driving to forgotten places, in search of fading history and slowly disappearing cultural treasures. Many rural areas still feature events, where the locals come together and celebrate in ways, that make us remember the good times. Others keep alive their cultural history in dance or craftsmanship. Historic monuments and American heritage exist in abundance, but are forgotten to the mainstream of society.
With your help, I would like to make them the center of attention again, if only for a short while.

Tucson, AZ

San Xavier del Bac

One of the many historic Spanish missions and chapels, that dot the landscape in many, if not all southern states of the United States.


Boondocking generally leads me to more remote locations with generous amounts of hiking trails to explore. I may add an occasional backpacking trip in the mix.
But hiking is also a means to visit cultural and historic sites. I have a particular interest in the Anasazi period and the many ruins that exist throughout the Southwest, and more contemporary buildings or events, with a history that sometimes goes back many hundreds of years, such as the San Elizario Presidio and Chapel near El Paso.


While vanlife will be new to me, I enjoyed seasonal trips in my travel trailers most of my life. The ultimate trip happened in the mid 80’s, when I lived in one and roamed over North America for about 4-5 years.
With the opportunity to create a similar experience, I decided to buy a cargo van and build an interior to my own specifications. I’m ready now to be a vandweller.

Make Me or Meet Me!

Look below, if I am coming to your area.
I want you, to make me hike your favorite trail or to just meet me and enjoy a lazy summertime afternoon together. I would like to tap your local knowledge for interesting things to do or visit.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be heading to the following area:

*Current plans are to leave my home in Central Florida sometime during 2023.


Where will I go next?

Over the years, I have compiled a list of thousands of campsites, hikes and other destinations. Stored them for easy off-line access in the Viking-GPS program (see image), where at any time, I can search for my next campsite/hike/event, often accompanied with a basic picture or description. Since I save the map locations in advance, I can print a local street map or Topo map for directions and/or load the coordinates into my GPS finder, all off-line.
So today, I have a hike planned and I already have a good idea of where I’ll spend my night.

Would you like to make RVLife less complicated?


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